Our vision


Passionate herbalists, astrologers and environmentalists..... Plants, animals, the ecosystem, and herbal remedy's have been a passion of mine since I was a young girl from subscriptions to herbal magazines and collections to extra merits in botany and zoology which has beautifully folded over into studying fitness, nutrition, organic horticulture, permaculture, biodynamics, herbalism, massage therapy, and astrology which all compliment each other as a complete holistic approach to health and  wellness by mindfully nurturing our environment we mindfully nurture ourselves on all levels mind,body and spirit.  

Eventually my vision progressed into owning an organic and regenerative herb farm in which i grow an array of medicinal plants and treat all people, farm animals and plants naturally with medicinal herbs. I started this journey of converting a chemically run farm into a organic sustainable herb farm back in 2013, we now proudly have over 100 medicinal plant species which we hand harvest, process, infuse and distill essential oils to craft our beautiful body care range, we take care to bring about a product that is ecologically friendly and the highest of quality we take great pride in our work to care for the land and environment, gaining in depth knowledge of soil and soil health has become our biggest asset to grow the healthiest of quality medicinal plants in the most gentle of ways, generating and improving soil health is one of the most important assets we could all do to improve our direct environment for the better. 

Its a passionate life focused on gentle ecological living solutions and a very spiritual way of living connected to the rhythms of the land and plants that holistically run in harmony with the rhythm of the seasons, the greater eco system and the cosmos, we endevour to live a sustainable life, for the health of the planet, the people and all species we promise to bring integrity and quality fresh from the farm to our products, seed to soil to skin, a journey of true sustainable living. 

Together we can make a positive change.

I love sharing knowledge of gardening, sustainable living, regenerative farming and my herbal passions with anyone willing to listen if you have a question please don't hesitate to email me at I want to inspire you!