recycling a house

so four years ago we brought this stunning view with the dream of sustainable development, we spent two years living in a house bus saving and researching many options of sustainable building and housing that was also cost effective to the amount of hours spent building, we decided to recycle a house

then two years later we brought a recycled bunglow from a house sales yard in helensille (local) yes in new zealand you can buy old unwanted houses.

then began our journey of renovations and hard work. we have tried to do everything as cheaply, and sustainable as possible which meant a lot of trips to the dump shop, opportunity shop and trademe to find recycled bits and bobs for the house taps, bath, basin, tables, nic-nacs, toilets, beds and much more...

we removed the wallway to make more space, deleted a bathroom to make way for a kids bedroom.

sanded back every cedar door and window and oiled, sanded back and repainted every wall, rebuilt a whole new bathroom, built 100 m2 of decking, moved and replaced the fireplace to one that cooks oven and top, heats hot water and the house.

and are still not finished with plans to re tile the kitchen, pop in some swamp kauri benches and repaint the outside.

there was way more work then we first anticipated especially abiding all the building laws in nz and clearing everything with the auckland council (nightmare) but hey we got there in the end and way cheaper then building a new mudbrick house, and sustainable as well.

we also still have plans to build the shed, and a glass house which i wanted attached to the house but unfortunately auckland council building regulations said no to that idea. however i hope to recycle old glass windows into a beautiful glasshouse one day, I've already began hording some windows away just for this project.

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177 Ngapuke Road, RD4, warkworth  Auckland New Zealand

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