recycling a basket, into a planter.

i love recycling old worn out things into something new and useful, lets face it the world these days is full of trash its fulling our oceans and lands.

the insanity of over consumption bothers me. talk about the brainwashing of the masses. it ain't religion anymore its stuff. why don't governments stop people making single use plastics and cheap junk.

the more people we can educate to fix it themselves or recycle trash into art or something useful the better.

This basket had a life it was well used for harvesting herbs, fruits, vegetables and getting kindling, but now it has seen better days.

so i lined it with some black plastic that i had recycled and horded away for projects just like this.

then i fulled it with compost

and popped some plants in it, and placed it on my deck near the door to brighten up the entrance

that simple to turn something that would contribute to this very large global consumerism problem, into something that will see another day being useful.

you could do this with many things you throw away plastic containers, jars, old shoes and boots, you could even line them with single use plastic bags giving them a new useful life.

consume less, create more and feed your soul!

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