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A little bottle of happiness!
A blend of two delicate but powerfully lifting plant medicines.
Mimosa bark known to “anchor the heart”, meaning that it helps stabilize emotions, brings gentle calm to the spirit and is helpful for those with anxiety, insomnia, symptoms of post traumatic stress and panic where as the Mimosa flower is known to "lighten the soul" is more uplifting, energizing and an anti-depressant.
 St. John’s wort is a remedy that “brings in the light.” a flower that blooms at the peak of summer this energy is captured and used to bring about ones inner light. If one thinks of depression as a form of darkness that comes over a person, St. John’s wort being a remedy that “lightens” the spirit.
St. John’s wort also exhibits this ability to strengthen the solar plexus energy. It helps people who feel overly vulnerable and fearful. They may become depressed and suffer from nightmares and disturbed dreams.  This is due to the fact that they have lost touch with their own spiritual nature. St. John’s wort promotes illuminated self-awareness that helps a person find their own inner strength or “guts” to face up to life.
So if you begin feeling a little seasonal affective disorders, or if your are facing trauma in your life, this little bottle is designed to lift your spirit back into a state of happiness.

Wild harvested and homegrown botanicals infused for 4 moon cycles in hand distilled alcohol, blended with hand distilled hydrosol and essential oils to bring you a beautiful handcrafted holistic approach to happiness.

Ingredients: alcohol, hydrosol, vegetable glycerine, mimosa (flower and bark) extract, st johns wort (flower) extract.