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Joint Care Balm 100ml

Joint care balm!
Solomon's seal, Comfrey and St John's Wort a fantastic blend for creaky dry sore joints and back pain.
Solomon's seal Aids in restoration of damaged cartilage and connecting tissue. Aids in easing general inflammation. Aids healing of bruises, wounds and skin irritations. Hastens recovery from bone injuries (broken, stressed) and associated connective tissues. Encourages the production of synovial fluid to reduce grinding in joints. Addresses and aids restoration of too tight or too loose tendons, ligaments, joints & attachments associated with repetitive stress, injury & inflammation. Comfrey root is used to relieve pain from blunt injuries, promote healing of broken bones, sprains and bruises, reduce swelling and edema, and encourage the rapid and healthy regrowth of skin and tissue cells. St. John's wort has long been used medicinally as an anti-inflammatory for strains, sprains, and contusions. St. John's wort also has been used to treat muscular spasms, cramps, and tension that results in muscular spasms.




wild harvested solomans seal root infused in local olive oil

homegrown comfry root and leaf infused in local olive oil

homegrown st johns wort infused in sunflower oil, organic bees wax.