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Mum and bub massage oil 50ml

Koromiko, Marshmallow and chamomile oil is designed to be soft and gentle on the most precious delicate skin, the perfect gift for a mum to be or a new born baby, what better way to bond with your new bub then the skin on skin contact of baby massage, even dad can get involved.

Our 100% massage oil is infused with botanicals grown in our gardens in a holistic organic way.

Koromiko is an amazing potent skin healer that is soft enough for bubs bum, the Maori used it in childbirth and on baby's skin.

Marshmallow has some fabulous softening and nourishing qualities perfect to massage into that ever expanding pregnancy belly to insure the skin stays soft and supple.

Chamomile is calming and soothing espically good for babies fragile skin, will also calm bubs mind with subtle  aromatherapy.