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Organic Facial Toner 50ml

Organic botanicals handcrafted into essentail oils and hydrosol in a copper still. Hand distilled in small batches to bring your skin fresh quality botanical healing, not only does this toner freshen and tone your skin but cleanses your energies too, flowers are well known for healing our energy field, spray on your face every morning to set your aura right for the rest of the day!

No matter what our age, acne can be a problem, and witch hazel is one of the very best remedies. This natural astringent can help control it by reducing inflammation, and decreasing oil and redness. It can lessen bacteria growth on the skin while speeding up the healing of scars, scabs, and infection while tightening our pores to give a clean skin tone.

Calendula hydrosol is also very clarifying and rejuvenating, making it a wonderfully refreshing well improving skin tone.

Borage is very cooling, calming and soaks up excess facial oil the combination of all three is a truely amazing blend for your skin.

Ingredients: witch hazel hydrosol, calendula hydrosol, borage hydrosol, lavender essentail oils and a splash of alcohol.