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how to make a medicinal solar infused oil

i love to grow my own medicinals and on a sustainable development level it is a must! its so easy to do, herbs are very easy to grow, easier then vetetables, as they are hardy and usually bug resistant.

ill blog soon about growing conditions for various herbs, but this post is all about infusing.

when i pick the flowers from the garden i like to dry them before even thinking about infusing as fresh herb i've learnt the hard way, has to much water content and is likely to turn moldy before the infusion is finished.

if the weather is still warm enough you can let them dry in the sun on a mesh bottom tray, otherwise pop them in the dehydrator until done.

place the herbs in a wide mouth jar and cover with a high quality olive oil.

lavender, chamomile and calendula in olive oil.

place the jar in a warm sunny spot for one lunar cycle (4wks) if you time it for the full moon you can infuse from one full moon to the next, then extract .

to extract strain the herbs in a cheese cloth, pop the oil into a nice recycled jar, and massage away there are so many herbal variations you could potentially do depending on you skin condition experiment away its the best way to learn!

you can even make up infused oil for your pets skin issues go on give it a try!

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