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Natural Anti-bacterial Multipurpose Cleaner (vinegar free)

We aspire to live toxin free not only for our personal health but also the health of the planet.

Many cleaners found on supermarket selves are packed full of nasty chemicals that we end up inhaling or ingesting one way or another as we smoother them on our benches and cooking surfaces.

We then rinse our cloths under the tap then, hello, these chemicals are released into our water, and if every body is using chemical cleaners that is a massive chemical build up which eventually makes its way to our oceans and our soil.

With a little consideration and thought it really doesn't have to be this way.

Natural cleaners are easy enough to make and cheap too.

With the potential to reuse an old cleaning bottle or you could source yourself a reusable glass bottle.

We can easily utilize the natural antibacterial properties of plants there are many options in the way of medicinal properties and botanical's found in our own backyard or neighborhood that are easily sourced and identified.

This way we can source and use the whole plants locally and sustainably without the use of essential oils which generally are not sustainable and quite possibly over used.







Are some very common anti-bacterial herbs easily identified and sourced. i have given two options in the recipe those of you lucky enough to source plant hydrsols this is by far the preferred option for quality but those of you that cant, making a strong herbal tea will work too

I enjoy a non vinegar cleaner as some of you may know its a very common ingredient in DIY cleaning recipes and for good reason it really does cut the grease and remove dirt ......but .......the smell im so over it in this recipe i have cut the vinegar and replaced it with lemon which are in abundance early spring and have a similar cleaning effect as vinegar and lets face it, also smell much nicer.

Recipe for natural anti-bacterial multipurpose cleaner


1 tsp borax

1 tsp baking soda

juice of 1 lemon

2 c hot water and fresh plant material of any plants previously listed make into a strong tea blend.

or 2 c of hydrosol (manuka and lavender)

optional: essentail oils of

10 drops tea tree

5 drops eucalyptus

5 drops lavender

makes 500ml and last 2 months

Put all ingredients into an empty spray bottle. Shake well to mix, repeat vigorously before each use. Easy peasy!

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