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Super-Strong Citrus Washing Powder

As a mum of two earth loving farm boys it's pretty essential that I have a laundry powder that knows how to work the dirt.

That's why I choose a super strong option.... However if you have a child with sensitive skin I have a milder option for you.

Let's face it Mum life can be crazy busy so I admit I don't make my own laundry powder all the time there are moments I have run out of ingredients and ill buy the eco stores laundry liquid from the supermarket for convenience.

But truth is if you take the time to source the ingredients (Binn Inn) then making your own is totally doable, satisfying and ecofriendly providing a sustainable solution for your septic systems health, the soil health and your family's health.

Super-Strong Citrus Washing Powder

Makes enough for 30 to 60 washes

Keeps 6 months or more

Ingredients :

1 cup of grated soap (our kumarahou shampoo bars are perfect)

1/2 c washing soda

3/4 c of borax

(opt out for sensitive skin add another 1/2 c washing soda instead)

1/2 c baking soda

1/2 tsp each of lemon balm and Citrus essential oils or Citrus and burgamont or lavender and lemon balm.


Grate the soap

Put all the dry ingredients in a food processor adding the essential oils last, mix all the ingredients well for 3 mins or till a fine powder.

Store in an air tight jar.

To use, add 1-2 tbsp to the powder section of your washing machine.

For stubborn stains I use our nz native exfoliating bar directly on the stain, wet stain, scrub bar all over stain very well and wash as usual.