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Wild Chamomile Hair Lightening Paste

The sweet aromatic smell of delicate floral apple hits my nose as i meander through the summer meadow which deliciously is filled with rainbow bliss color candy for my eyes, as i look down to see the source of this peaceful scent, my eyes swiftly observe the bountiful color beneath my feet, i take focus on a little white and yellow flower similar to that of a field daisy.

chamomilla matricaria wild chamomile

Chamomile one of the better known herbs, the flowers which resemble a daisy, form a capitulate, yellow inside, with 12-18 radiating white petals. The stem is straight, branched, smooth, sometimes growing 50 cm. the leaves stalk-less and pinnate. The roots and plant crawl their way through the pasture mingling with other grass species.

It has a pleasant aroma faintly reminiscent of apple, which distinguishes it from German chamomile.

Wild chamomile flowers early summer the flowers are collected as long as the season, volatile oil (essential oil) is extracted from the flower though steam distillation the color is first blue then becomes yellow brown from light exposure. Flowers can also be dried in a dark place for future maceration and extraction in water or oil .

A tea prepared from the flowers and leaves relieves cramps of the stomach and uterus. Chamomile is well known for having a stimulating effect on nerves. Can be added to hot bathes to relieve wariness after a long hard day also makes a wonderful eye soak for tired puffy eyes, just soak a tea bag or two in cold water and place tea bag over tired eyes.

Chamomile is famed mostly for its use in hair-care preparations,its easy to understand why, amazingly soothing to a sensitive scalp and softening to thick hair, found in our very own herbal shampoo blends. Especially good for fair hair it can lighten color, a simple preparation you can do at home is to simply soak the flowers boiling hot water until blood warm, stain and squeeze liquid from flower heads, rinse over hair in the bath as the final step in the hair cleaning process.

For a more intensive soak this wonderful hair paste recipe

Chamomile Lightening Hair Paste

5 Tbsp chamomile heads 1/2 litre of water 8 Tbsp of kaolin powder 1 egg yolk

Make an infusion by immersing the heads in boiling water and simmering for twenty-five minutes. When cool, strain off a cup of liquid and stir in the kaolin and egg. apply to hair and leave for between twenty and fifty minutes. Rinse with warm water. Several applications may need to be used to achieve desired tone.