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The sun beats down on my shoulders, the warmth filling me to the core, filling my spirit with bright warm sun beams, the feeling is glorious.

It's charging my inner battery, my very soul.

I'd been dreaming of this moment since mid winter.

It's now peak summer, which means the chamomile is in full bloom, full production.

This sun ruled herb loves nothing better then to bask in the peak sun rays of sweet Summer days.

Wild roman chamomile is ripe and the meadow is full.

As I enter the gates of the orchard the subtle chattering sounds of bird and insect song greets me.

As I focus my ear in on them, what seems subtle is actually quite magnificent and intense.

They are as happy as I am about the beloved Summer sun, so happy they can't help but brust into song.

As I meander down the orchard path, the bees, wasp, moths and butterfly, they all fly in a busy manner across my path.

They are on a mission a very important one at that, to pollinate as many beautiful blooms as they can in their lifetime, insuring all species have have food to eat in the future, for pollination is fertilisation and we get from that the miracle of seed, the spark of new life for next years abundance of plant species.

The meadow or the orchard would never exist without the wonderful insects, for the meadow, orchard, and the insects greatly rely on each other for their own purposes of being, for their very exsistance and survival.

I know deep in my core I would also not be here too, if it wasn't for the insects and the plants and there wonderful sacred work they do, so I bless them greatfully with every step, mindfully making sure I do not step on an innocent in the way.

As I hit the meadow my eyes are in owe of the beauty of it all, the blue of the sky, the soft browns of the grass, the green from the trees, the yellow happy flowers, beautiful hues mingling with each other like a dance of artful colour, my eyes basking in it all. Hiding amongst it all, the pretty little button flower, the wonderful calming scent of chamomile, like a fragrant apple mixed with a delicious rose, I lean in for a deep long inhale, absorbing the delights he has offer, relax and flow its what he say as I begin the process of mindfully picking blooms. A job I definitely love as it send me into a state of working meditation. The chance to just be here now with the birds, insects and flowers such a beautiful experience it warms my heart, I feel my purpose and belonging here amongst the meadow, a fellowship, I am too part of the miracle of nature, part of the process to honour and collect the earth's gifts, to mindfully process these plant alleys and gift it them back to you, which sends me into a heart space of gratitude, just how wonderfully giving mother earth can truly be.

The feeling of deep gratitude lifts my spirit, brings so much joy and love, the love for all species here on earth and our interconnectedness, we need the dirt, insects and plants as much as I need you, as much as you need me, we all need each other to co exist in a healthy symbiosis, I certainly give my thanks in prayer for love to all, this opens my heart delisiously

As I collect up my basket of blooms and meander back to the apothecary, I lightly tread the earth, floating this time.

I gently sort the flowers from weeds as the processing begins, some flowers are sorted and put onto drying racks to be preserved for winter processing and tea, when the blooms are naturally out of season to insure we have a year long supply.

Others start a maceration process in oil which slowly draws out the medicinal properties, to be delicately woven into our pure and natural range.

The rest goes into the still where the slow and mindful art of alchemy of steam distillation takes place and draws out the essential oils and the delicate yet potent hydrosols which offer so much healing to the skin, mind (the power of scent) and our spirit. The whole process is one of intention and care from start to finish to craft the most wonderful botanical skincare products to nourish you and your family from head to toe.

Chamomile’s anti-inflammatory properties are well known, making it good for treating anxiety and mild insomnia as a common herbal tea, but the same compounds responsible for this effect also help soothe your skin. Chamomile has shown antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and analgesic properties, which help it provide the following benefits:

Calms redness and irritation.

Historically, chamomile has been used to treat eczema, diaper rash and general skin irritation. Counteracts sun damage.

Levomenol is found in chamomile and is known for reducing photodamage and improving skin elasticity. Speeds wound healing.

Chamomile is a traditional treatment for burns and mouth ulcers, and one study showed that chamomile may be more effective at healing wounds than corticosteroids. Treats acne.

Chamomile’s soothing effect and antibacterial properties combine to calm acne breakouts and kill the bacteria that is the root cause.

When used as a hair treatment, Chamomile can reduce dandruff, help promote hair growth, prevent split ends and even lighten the hair strands.