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Herbal Sleep jellies

These little jellies are the perfect remedy for those little rats and rabbits that won't go to sleep!

Jammed packed with herbs that calm the nervous system.

As a mum, I’m all for recipes that simplify and save time.

That’s why when my kids ask for things at night that I know help them sleep like herbal tea, gelatine or cherry juice I’m happy to give it to them, but I wanted a fast easy option …

I figured out a way to combine some of my favorite recipes and their favorite healthy treats: Herbal Sleep jellies.

All herbs used are calming nervines all safe for small children in small doses gelatine is rich in amino acids proline and glycine that help relaxation and sleep

Cherry juice well known to aid in a full night's sleep

You can store these in a glass container in the refrigerator for up to two weeks and give each child one each night.

I made them in a crockery pan lined with baking paper and cut into squares.

So here is the simple recipe:

1 1/2 cups of boiling water

1tbsp honey

4 sleep teabags

(or a good pinch of hops, chamomile, lemonbalm, skullcap, passionflower, or kava) steep for 5 - 10mins and strain.

6 tbsp of gelatine

And a splash of black current syrup or tart cherry juice

Add honey, herbs and hot water in a glass flusk, steep for 5 - 10 mins and dissolve honey remove all herbs and sprinkle in gelatin, stir until dissolved, splash in some syrup and pour into backing paper lined pan, pop in the fridge till set.

Remove and cut into serving size squares.

Enjoy the peaceful nights sleep.

These also work well for adults with anxiety, pop a square when needed!