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marshmallows journey from seed to soil to skincare

Marshmallow root is an important botanical found in our skincare, one of the essential ingredients in our moisturizes for deep skin hydration.

It all starts in spring when we take the seed that we gathered last autumn from our organic gardens, with a little handmade organic seed sowing mix, water and a lot of good intention and tender love and care, the seed sprouts into new life, the growing season begins. Once the seeds have grown into seedlings, they are then transplanted into very well prepared beds, tended throughout the season with organic inputs made here on the farm, we grow these for the amazing properties of the roots its very important the soil is well cared for, so the plants can grow to full potential, loaded with the amazing properties that make it so useful for natural health and beauty care .

A moist part of our gardens is also important from the name "marsh"mallow we can get an idea they thrive in a marshy spot for a root medicine high in mucilage.

As the season progresses and the plants begin to bloom many insects benefit by feeding from the blooms mostly the humble bumble but also butterflies,moths and bees too.

We harvest some blooms for herbal teas and yoni steams.

As we transition from summer to autumn and the plant naturally matures the leaves are harvested for bath care and herbal tea, also at this time the seeds are saved for next years growing season, a very important and sustainable cycle.

In the autumn season the earth begins to breath in, drawing her energy deep down within the ground, signaling the plants to do then same, they die back and draw their energies into their root system, so they lay stagnant over winter, the rains begin to fall helping to soften the earth, this is a signal to us its the perfect time to harvest the roots at peak potency for medicinal skincare, further more we will wait til the moon is in the sign of cancer, the perfect timing for this botanical that is ruled by the moon to be harvested from the earth.

once the roots are harvested they are cleaned and cut and then taken to the apothecary to be processed< extracted and crafted into skin hydrating goodness.


TYPE OF INGREDIENT: Anti-inflammatory.

MAIN BENEFITS: Soothes redness, relieves inflammation, and helps retain moisture.

WHO SHOULD USE IT: In general, people with sensitive and easily irritated skin.


WORKS WELL WITH: Products that may otherwise cause irritation.

The roots of the marshmallow plant contain a thick, gummy substance called mucilage. The mucilage is extracted from the root and used for medicinal purposes. In addition to mucilage, the root extract contains a number of other ingredients that promote skin health, such as polysaccharides and flavonoids.

Marshmallow root extract may provide anti-inflammatory benefits as it helps to soothe irritation as it hydrates skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of the extract make it a great choice for people with problem skin, such as sufferers from eczema or rosacea. If there's one place you should be using it though, it's beneath your eyes. The eye area is so delicate and prone to sensitivity, and wrinkles are caused by lack of moisture. This makes marshmallow extract a fantastic ingredient to address visible concerns while preventing future ones.

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